'Fukukou Beer' is Released Using Yeast Extracted by Kitasato University Marine Biotechnology Kamaishi Research Center

In collaboration with-Sekinoichi Shuzo Co., Ltd of Ichinoseki City, Iwate prefecture and the Iwate Industrial Research Institute, Kitasato University Marine Biotechnology Kamaishi Research Center produced "Fukukou Beer" as a beer for Tohoku earthquake relief. The beer uses yeast taken from the "Ishiwarizakura" (means rock-splitting cherry blossom) Tree found in Moriaka City in Iwate prefecture, which has been recognized as a national natural treasure. This refreshing beer with a predominant citrus flavor and a faint taste of bitterness (Wataru Sato, managing director at Sekinoichi-Shuzo Co., Ltd) reached the shelves on March 11, the one year mark of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

The Research Center had been extracting, isolating, and analyzing yeast from various trees and flowers growing in Morioka, including "Ishiwarizakura". In amidst of this research, they suffered tremendous damage by the Great East Japan earthquake, but from the mounds of rubble they were able to save the yeast taken from "Ishiwarizakura". By joining hands with local industries, the Iwate Industrial Research Institute was able to culture the yeast, and Sekinoichi-Shuzo Co., Ltd was successful in brewing the beer.

The product name uses the kanji meaning "happiness is smelling", playing a pun on the word "fukkou" which means recovery, in hopes of the develops to show the spirit of supporting I wate's relief efforts and vitality. In addition, a portion of the sales will be donated to the fishermen of the Sanriku coastal region to support the recovery of fishery.

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