First Principles Charter of The Kitasato Institute The present Kitasato Institute was created when the former Kitasato Institute (an incorporated association) and the former Kitasato University (an academic organization) were merged in 2008 to create a new educational foundation. Of course, the present Kitasato Institute, including Kitasato University, is heir to the accomplishments, traditions and ideals of its predecessors. In Japan the Kitasato Institute is known as the Kitasato Kenkyusho, and the Kitasato University is called the Kitasato Gakuen.
The Kitasato Institute, Japan's first private medical research facility, was officially established in 1914 by Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, and in 1918 it was registered as an incorporated association. The Institute was founded on Dr. Kitasato's important achievements in the field of preventive medicine, especially immunology, where he successfully grew a pure culture of tetanus bacilli, followed by his discovery of the serotherapy used to treat that disease. In 1962, the Kitasato Institute celebrated the 50th anniversary of its conception, and to commemorate the occasion, it founded the Kitasato University as a general Life Sciences university with official recognition of the University being granted in the same year. In addition to human and material resources, the integration of these institutions brings together an exceptional base of academic research and secures a multifaceted and stable management foundation with the aim of developing a progressive academic administration. Holding Dr. Kitasato in high regard as its founding father, the Kitasato Institute manifests the Spirit of Kitasato, which he developed over a lifetime―to investigate with a pioneering spirit, be appreciative in your dealings with people, possess wisdom and be a person of practical science, as well as to persist with an unwavering spirit. The Institute applies these approaches to the scientific discovery of life phenomena that constitute the pressing, everpresent concerns of humanity. In tandem with this, the Institute makes its primary mission the cultivation of pre-eminent researchers, educators and professionals in the Life Sciences and related fields. The Kitasato Institute returns the results of its research to society by undertaking a variety of endeavors―chiefly preventive and medical activities based on an applied science approach ―in order to broadly contribute to the development of society.